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BHCS | Executive Health Checkups:


Human body continuously undergo wear and tear. With the body’s natural ability to heal itself, this wear and tear will not lead to any long-lasting effects. However, certain influential factors can disrupt this natural process. These factors can include genetic, environment as well as lifestyle factors.

To prevent any irreversible factors from affecting you, it is ideal to get an Executive Health Checkup during this time. BHCS has designed Executive Checkup Packages to cater for your individual or organisational needs; here is what you can expect in these Executive Checkup Packages (click the package names below to get details):

  •  Standard 

  •  Premiere 

  •  Above 40 

  •  Below 40 

  •  Food Handlers 

  •  Employee Screening 

  •  Kids (under 12 yrs) 

  •  Children (13-18 yrs) 

  •  Young Females (under 20) 

  •  Below Mature Females (20+) 

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EHC P.png
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EHC ES.png
EHC Children.png
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  • Take prior appointment; call us on UAN: 111-244-000 or visit us at BHCS, Buch International Hospital, Buch Villas, Multan.

  • Reach BHCS at the appointment day and time and get yourself registered at the reception counter. If you are already registered with BHCS then please keep your PRN (Patient Record Number/Card) with you.

  • Arriving late may delay the laboratory reports for the consultation with doctors or may conflict with other appointments resulting in more waiting times and delays.

  • Initial examination and investigations are done on first day followed by second visit on receipt of all reports. By the session end of first day you shall be told about next day appointment date and time. (Where Applicable in some cases).

  • On second visit consultations will take place with consultants (as needed). A detailed report shall be presented to you at the end of second day session. (Applicable in some cases).

  • Specimen containers should be collected prior to the first visit to BHCS. Stool and urine specimen should be brought from home on the first visit to the clinic. (Applicable in some cases).

  • 12 hours fasting is required prior to the appointment. (Applicable in some cases).

  • 100% advance payment of the selected package will be required 24 hours in advance for the confirmation.

  • Letter of authorization is mandatory for visits sponsored by registered companies. In all other cases, cash or card payment will be required in full.

  • The tests suggested in the selected packages may change after initial screening/evaluation by the physician.

  • In case of any medical reasons if a test is not performed, no refund will be admisable. 

  • To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give the hospital at least 12 hours notice; 30% of the payment will be deducted in case of absence on the appointment dates.